What does relapse feel like?

Usually, the individual begins to experience negative emotional responses, such as anger, moodiness, and feelings of anxiety. They may also begin to experience erratic eating and sleeping habits, and their desire for recovery often diminishes due to a lack of use of their support systems. Relapse causes an addict to feel angry and sad because they know they have disappointed themselves and their loved ones. It's one of the worst feelings because you realize where it can place you.

Relapse can take you back to your old self, when you felt hopeless and helpless. But now, because of your experience in rehabilitation, you know that you can overcome this addiction and change, even if it is sometimes difficult. After a relapse, many people experience feelings of shame or regret. In addition, you may feel like giving up the fight and giving in to your addiction instead of continuing to work hard and overcome the fleeting desire to use.

They are normal, but they can create challenges to creating a drug-free life. You may be here wondering what relapse is and wondering whether or not it happened to your loved one. You may feel hurt, upset, scared, and unsure of what to do. The fact is that relapse is one of the scariest words for people in recovery.

But it's also a very normal part of the recovery process, especially for those who are in the early stages of adjustment.